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My name is Jaco Malan and I had research and develop Radionic instruments for over 38 years now. I must admit that the last thing on my mind were this web site, as you can see it is not very flashy or even professional done. For me it is all about practicality I like to keep things "simple" for our instrument we prefer it simple and practical too, a host of flashing lights does not improve the working of the instrument all it does is to increase the price. On the end of the day it boils down to results and not what we had pay for it.
The instruments on these pages are only a few which seems to be popular, we can also design and build any type of radionic "gadget" you can think off, my motto is if you can imagine it we can build it. Over the years we had build a large number of specific one of a kind type of instrument for a number of people.
I hope with this web site to make people aware of the possibilities. I am sure this site will grow in the same way as our instruments.
Future Plans:
* To start a Radionic blog for those who would like to participate in all aspects of this wonderful field.
* To add some hands on and practical info on Radionics

If I can assist in anyway feel free to contact me.
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