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Vibrionics combo unit:
After a hectic year, and some real difficult moments, we managed to rebuild our instrument.
Our most complete and effective Vibrionics instrument is ideal for use by doctors, agronomists, medical therapists, homeopaths, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, farmers, veterinarians, as well as by the patients themselves. Suitable for humans, animals and plants.
It offers all the possibilities that can be deployed in Radionics in a single tool and simplifies the daily work of the practitioner.
Combo Unit
Base 44 and Base 10 combo:                                                                               
Our “new” Combo Unit can do both Base 44 and Base 10 rates.                                    

It has the following features;                                                                                   
An INPUT and OUTPUT plate for copying any substance.
The making up of energy remedies using the rates or a combination of rates and remedies.
A set of dials that allow you to make almost any remedy under the sun (and above).
A card slot for our cards.
A rate book with over 13,600 rates.

A timer structure.
  • 1 Minute for remedy copying and for distant treatment.
  • 6 Minute for making creams.
  • Pulse mode for longer treatments e.g. overnight.
Input and output sockets enable you to connect additional equipment to your unit, such as the energy screens, or a larger treatment plate.
A complete operating manual.

We also offer additional extras:
A4 IN/OUT plate.
A5 IN/OUT plate.
Conductive Handholds for local energy balance.

Often when people ask me..... what can your instrument do? I relpy with, everything except make coffee.
Some of my ideas maybe a bit radical, but we have tested them, and have been working with all of them.
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