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The QR - REM:
The QR-REM is a small but powerful little instrument.
It's ideal for the "home doctor" the concerning mother/father who would like to deal with everyday little health challenges.
It also for the health conscious person that want to help himself, to improve his/her own health and wellbeing.
The QR - REM
A unique tool for home use.
This is a ideal instrument for what we would like to call the home pharmacy.
If you are health conscious person you allready spend a fair amount of money on supplements.

The unit has a an INPUT and OUTPUT plate.
The instrument will ideally be use with the energy screens or the handles.
 But function equally well as a normal remedy maker.

A timer structure.
  • 1 Minute for remedy copy and for distant balancing.
  • 6 Minute for making creams.
  • Pulse mode for longer balances e.g. overnight.
Input and output sockets enable you to connect additional equipment to your unit, such as the energy screens, or a larger treatment or copy plate.
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