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Vibrionics is a method of analysis and balancing at a distance which utilises specially designed instruments. A practitioner can determine the underlying causes of dysfunctionality within a living system, be it human, animal, plant, even the soil itself. While Vibrionics is mainly used to balance human ailments, it has also been used extensively in agriculture to increase yields, pest control and enhance the health of livestock.
It is our understanding that man and all life forms share a common ground in that they are immersed in the electro-magnetic field of the earth; and further that each life form has its own electro-magnetic field, which, if sufficiently distorted, will ultimately result in the functional failure of the organism. Accepting that all is energy, Vibrionics sees organs, diseases and remedies as having their own particular frequency or vibration. These vibrations can be expressed in numerical values, which are known as ‘Rates’. These provide the means by which the practitioner identifies and treats a disease at a distance.  
Vibrionics (also) takes cognisance of the fact that there are a number of finely organised fields of energy, which lie beyond those identified by science, and that these fields can be utilised for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Thus it may be said that Vibrionics is a healing art within which physics and para-physics, science and religion meet and merge.
A Vibrionics diagnosis is not a medical diagnosis, but a means of identifying and assessing the underlying causes, which give rise to pathological states and their symptoms. These may or may not coincide with current medical opinion, but this is to be expected when the practitioner’s approach is along para-physical lines.
We would like to add little titbits of info on what we are up to.
 Hopefully this will turn into more substantial articles in the future.
Our latest project was put on hold to sort the magnet problem out.
So the good news is that that problem is nou solved, and project digital potency is back on track.
We had been working on a project for a number of months to design and build our own digital potency unit. The proto type where build and under testing for the last two weeks now, and I must say it really works great.
So hopefully we would be able to offer this in the very near future.
Will place an snippet hear as soon as we are ready to go into production.
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