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A4 IN/OUT Put plate:
This is something with multiple uses.
As a Large INPUT plate
As a Large OUTPUT plate
My favoured a healing or balancing tool.

When you use it as a INPUT or OUTPUT plate:
If you connect it to the IN socket (red) it can be use to copy anything that is too large for your standard INPUT plate. Another use for it is to copy a large picture or a poem, yes you can copy the energy from any of these.
If you connect it to the OUT socket (black), you can send energy to anything too large for the standard OUTPUT plate. Like a large container of water or a bowl of fruit to remove chemical residue. We use one often to balance a large number of people, during the winter months we would use it as an flu prevention by pack the witnesses of all our friends and family on it to improve their immune system.

My personal favoured:
You can use it as a hands on healing tool.
Place a large picture of the spine on it and then do a normal spine manipulation.
To do a spine manipulation place the witness on the INPUT plate (this is the only time that we do so). Select a rate like TC spinal integrity then go ahead do your spine manipulation. We find it best to "scan" down the spine until you get a "stick" and start pressing or rubbing that area.
You can do the same to clear sinuses or work on sore muscles. We have a large selection of pictures that we had accumulated over the years.
This concept work also very well with animals.
I had also used it with other healing modalities with great success.
Foot or hand reflexology
The uses is endless...............
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