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Auto Scan:
We use this very often and achieve great results from it.
Many years back, the need to correct health challenges would arise and we would have no idea where to start.
Analysis was yeilding no path to follow. This led to the development of Auto Scan.
How do you “fix” something that you cannot pin down?
TA DA.... Auto Scan to the rescue.......
I do not plan to write a hundred page essay on quantum entanglement, but the concept works very well within this framework. The idea is sort of an outside the box one. If you take two identical witnesses and place one on the INPUT plate and the other one on the OUTPUT plate, you effectively create a loop.

You can either place a remedy on the INPUT plate on top of the witness, or use the dials. We prefer to use the dials, but both work great (we use the rate for find and rectify all defects).
So here is how it works with a rate or remedy to correct something, or should I say anything.
With the witness on the OUTPUT plate “connect” with the person, animal or plant and start correcting any deviations within the body, thus far a normal “broadcast” right?

The next stage is where the “magic” starts. The person, animal or plant is also connecting with the witness on the INPUT plate (quantum entanglement). So not only does the instrument scan for any deviations from the person on the INPUT plate, it takes that information and inverts it 180 degrees, then sends it back to the person on the OUTPUT plate. This creates a secondary loop where you can correct and scan for as long as you maintain the loop.
Just a side note, the witness on the INPUT plate will keep getting updates from the person of any changes that take place. It will keep adjusting the information as it goes through the instrument.
This loop can be maintained for as long as needed.
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