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Broadcast or distant healing, is a term often mentioned in radionics. But what does it actually mean?
A broadcast can be seen as a correcting of an imbalance in a person, animal or plant without being physically present.
A broadcast is similar to making a copy or remedy. The only difference is that you place a witness on the OUT-PUT plate rather than a container for the remedy you wanted to make.
You also have a choice between a standard one minute balance or a pulse mode.

          With Remedy only                         With both Remedy and card

One minute:
A standard energy balance will only be one minute; you don’t need to go longer.
The balance effect will last for 3.75 days, which means you only need to repeat your treatment every third day.
A balancing broadcast will peak at maximum and start to dissipate over the next three days to a level above the starting point.

Pulse mode:
Pulse mode is used to break up the balancing broadcast over a longer period.
It is often use in more severe cases, where you want to balance over a longer period, for example over night.
A child with diarrhoea would be a good example; you want to correct the cause of the diarrhoea, but also safe guard against dewatering due to the diarrhoea.

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