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Hand held handles:
The hand held handles can be use for a direct energy balance.

We like to call it auto scan;
If you connect the handles to the instrument and hold the handles in your hands, you effectively create a loop.
The left hand handle (black) receives energy from the instrument, the right hand handle (red) returns the energy back to the instrument, creating a loop.
The instrument will invert the energy receives from the right hand 180° and return it to the body through the left hand.
This inverted energy then corrects the imbalances that it had received from the right hand. This “scan” and correct process will continue as long as you hold onto the handles.
You can also use a remedy or a card (or both) to add additional information into the loop.
A 30 minute session is recommended, but it is up to you how long you would like to be in the circuit.
I love to use it at the end of a busy day to refocus or restore my energy system.
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