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I spent 38 years in radionic R&D and feel that it is time to shift focus. I would like to leave behind something that I can be proud off. During my 38 years, I have build hundreds of instruments, and even today I still enjoy doing so. Out of all the many wonderful ideas, I keep being reminded of my teacher “Mataji”.  She ran all her clinics on a donation basis, the same way I run mine today. She always said the goal is helping those in need, the rest will take care of itself.

During my two year “sabbatical” I started with the creation of new rates, I have been creating three or more new rates every day. That might not sound like much, but I will keep at it. When people send me a note saying that a certain rate had worked great, that is my reward.

I am grateful and blessed, and thank each and everyone that finds benefit from my efforts.
Since many people cannot afford an instrument, I was inspired to make a card that can be used without the need of a instrument. These cards and method were tested and found to work extremely well.
I will be creating regular PDF files with a card on them that can be downloaded and printed. I will also include the basic method on how to use the card.      

I will also gladly make cards by special request, please contact me with your request.
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