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We so often hear these words it's not funny anymore.
To all the naysayers and disbelievers out there, my answer is simple just because you do not understand something don't condemn it.
And no everything does not revolve around scientific proof, if our scientist would spend less time on try to proof there is life on mars and more time understanding how we as humans really work and here I do not talk medically but energetically the world would be a far better place.

So the question is there proof?
The short answer is yes! (It all depend how you look at it).
So let us start with the famous placebo effect one. We so often hear this..... Oh it is not your instrument that fixes the problem it is a placebo effect. My normal reply would be great thanks to placebo I will tell him when I see him again.
But then how will I explain it to the animal that got healed and don't know it was placebo that fix him?
Well we have proof, it may not be 100% scientific, but the "rule" seeing is believing would work here.
If you take two identical photos of the same person place one on your instrument and the other one in front of you. Then take a prism and look at the photo in front of you through the prism. What you most likely would see is a faint fogy color all over the photo. Now while you looking at the photo press the START button on your instrument and what you will see is that the colors become much more prominent and move to the outside border of the person in the picture.
For me that is sufficient proof that something had happen that has a positive outcome.

I also want to commend on a topic often see on other sites. Which say you have to use only certain rates because they are the only ones that will work for that specific instrument. Well I would say get yourself a prism and test different rates and see that they all work, make no difference who had created the rates nor the instrument.

END NOTE; If you still do not belief it, I am pretty sure you are on the wrong website.

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