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The Remedy Maker:
The Remedy Maker is a small but powerful little instrument.
It's ideal for the "home doctor" the concerning mother/father who would like to deal with everyday little health challenges.
It also for the health conscious person that want to help himself, to improve his/her own health and wellbeing.
It would also be a valuble addition to the Energy healer or Reiki practitioner.
Remedy Maker
The Remedy Maker
A unique tool for home and professional use.
This is an ideal instrument for what we would like to call the home pharmacy.
The most perfect instrument to copy remedies or making them from a card.

The unit has an INPUT and OUTPUT plate.
Also has a card slot for remedy cards.

A timer structure.
  • 1 Minute for remedy copy and for distant balancing.
  • Pulse mode for longer balances e.g. overnight.
Input and output sockets enable you to connect additional equipment to your unit, such as the energy screens, or a larger treatment or copy plate.
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