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Please note: This is not an automatic download, after payment recieve I will email the file to you.
We have recalculated our rate book for Base 10.
A number of people have tried these new rates and found them to work very well.
We have also added some new rates to it.
There are over 14,490 rates in this book.   
These rates will work on any Base 10 instrument.  Hot Cakes!!!!!!!

Because of the many hours we put into this, we would like to get some financial energy exchange for it.
The cost of the Book (PDF) is $9.95      Hot Cakes!!!!!!
Animal Essences:
Our new animal essences rate book now available.
With 81 unique rates for Base 10 and Base 44 and a card for each one.

Cost of file is $5.95
Bach Flower:
We have created rates for 28 unique Bach flower complex remedies.
There is also a card for each one.

Sell for $2.50
Tissue Salts:
We had created rates for 33 Tissue salt complex remedies.
There is also a card for each one.

Will be out soon.....

Sell for $2.50
New Rates:
All our "new rates" and cards in one file 225 of them.
Ready to be printed.

Since a number of cards were done some time ago, we had to redo all the cards in the same format.
Cost of file is $3.50 USD
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