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I would have preferred to have something like a blog or a forum where we can discuss topics.
But I have to settle for a comment structure at this stage. Scroll to the bottom to leave a comment, or Click Here.
The plan is to create files or pages on a topic with a card or/and rate for it. I’m still not sure where we going with this.
The main purpose is to discuss radionics and health issues.
Please note: This is not a place to request cards or rates unless it is in the interest of all concerned.
Addiction    (see also emotional booklet on download page)
Thought or intendRead
Why do we need an instrument?
All about rates Part 2
All about ratesRead

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Mark Gielen
2018-12-09 00:56:10
Question in regards to the making Custom Cards for the Vibrionics combo unit.
I have a Energy Balancing Book by Lloyd Mear, he dowsed numbers to help heal the body but he uses up to a 16 digit number. Could custom cards be made using his numbers for the Vibrionics combo unit ?
Siddharth pandya
2018-12-08 15:52:17
Suppose there is a rate for rubella virus,so to remove that virus from body what should our potency? other thing you had given rates for obesity in your website quantum resonce,is working very well.thanks for that.
Siddharth pandya
2018-12-08 15:48:29
2018-12-08 14:04:25
Hi Siddharth, Yes we can but it makes the instrument more expensive. The difference is LM is base on the Hahnemann scale, and MM on the Centesimal Scale. There is a lot of debate on which is the best, up to know I am personally quite happy with the Centesimal Scale.
Siddharth pandya
2018-12-08 11:19:57
Hello jaco,do we have potency range up to LM?what is the difference between MM potency and LM potency?
2018-12-06 18:21:56
Hi Tim, the potency range you refer to is for the extended potency dial, which have 3 digit display.
Tim Pitts
2018-12-05 19:00:51
Jaco would explain your Potency Range chart in the downloads page. What exactly are the numbers going up to 1,000? Is that the dial setting if the dial went from 0-1,000?
2018-12-05 05:21:39
Hi Ian, the new rates are an updated version and that is what I would use.
Ian McLean
2018-12-05 00:15:22
Hi Jaco. The rates in your recalculated Rate Book are different to the Base 10 rates in the printed book that came with your machine. Which Rate Book version should I use?
2018-12-04 16:01:04
Hi Tim, orginite became a big hype if I may call it that. I had in the early years also got caught up in it, but quickly discover that it’s not for me. Let me tell you the story of the guy who invented a machine to enlarge fruit or veggies, he got researchers to came and witness is miracle machine, he place a tomato on it and after a couple of minutes fiddling with his machine, said see how it already double in size, the researchers saw nothing but the same tomato. The moral of the story is it is in the eye of the beholder he firmly belief his machine work and saw the results, which is intend the same hold true for orginite it does have some energy, so does a coil but it depend on who made it. Think of this way if the person making it has negative thoughts or are upset for some reason, he transfer that energy also to the orginite during the curing process. I think it is also a bit of a personal thing, as many people use it and firmly belief in it. There is no harm done in making your own and try it out. After thought I can get similar results using a “Atlantis Disk” which got nothing to do with orgonite but also curry a mean punch.
Tim Pitts
2018-12-04 14:41:18
Hi Jaco, what do you think about orgonite? Is it beneficial to incorporate it into radionic devices, safe , dangerous, useless?
Jeremy Mann
2018-12-01 04:58:24
wow just fantastic reading about radionis! !!so very logical &conclusive!!!really impressive!I had a session with Dr Digby my neighbour in Plett!!!!what a fantastic experience!!!I have spent 5 months in Northern India :been a massage therapist for 26 years!!!totally blown away by this energy exchange!!!!I've also been an Electrician for 27 years &it all ADDS UP!!AMAZING
Siddharth pandya
2018-11-30 10:09:16
Hello jaco, what should be the potency for weight reduction rates? you have given.
2018-11-30 05:14:49
Hi Ian, The input plate is still function normally and can be use for a remedy at the same time you use the dials and the card slot, or any one of them can be use individually.
Ian McLean
2018-11-29 14:56:45
In Auto Scan, if i am using the hand helds, does the input plate still work for adding remedies to it? Or can it only work when using DNA broadcast ?
2018-11-28 20:41:31
Hi Ian, We would normally use both Find & Rectify All Disharmony and Find And Rectify All Defects. But we would also concentrate on issues that came up during the analysis. Nothing prevent you to change the rates/cards during a 30 minute session, we would often make a number of changes to our “treatment” during the session. This also hold true when using the energy screens, I would say that for me the energy screen sessions, which is a auto scan session in itself is far more powerful than just a normal auto scan.
Ian McLean
2018-11-28 17:05:54
Hi Jaco, when doing the Auto Scan do you mostly use the rate "find and rectify all defects" with it? Or do you use the Complex Remedy for a person with it? Or can you use both together at the same time with the Auto Scan?
Siddharth pandya
2018-11-28 08:40:37
Dear jaco thanks for such a wonderful answer.i want to buy your combo unit.if you allow.10&44
2018-11-27 16:58:06
What you asking is that if I watch the “Tour de France” does that make me a professional cyclist? It depend on a number of things do I own a bike do I exercise regularly and do I actually compete in a race. God realization does not come from a mere rate, it come from practice things like meditation, doing satsang (praying) and live a life of compassion and devotion. A rate for cosmic conscious is just an extra stepping stone towards God realization. If it was that easy there would have been no need for temples or ashrams.
On your second question on the best potency/energy for spiritual rates, there is no one size fit all, the best practice would be to dowse for what would, the best potency/energy be for me.
Siddharth pandya
2018-11-27 16:03:46
Other thing also to get good results of this kind of spiritual rates or vibration what should be potency and enargy?thanks.
Siddharth pandya
2018-11-27 16:01:14
Thanks for your questions also arising in my mind that there is a rate for cosmic counsiusness.In India cosmic counsiusness word used for those who attend God my question is does this rate will give same effect as God realised person feels.
Ian McLean
2018-11-26 17:22:47
Hi Jaco, thanks for the reply. And Yes, I will trust my Pendulum that what I have got is what my Dog needs. I will add the BACH- Holly as well. Thanks.
2018-11-26 16:37:58
Hi Ian, F.E. stand for flower essences.
Indications: distorted communication with any or all levels of one's consciousness; difficulty communicating with the higher selves of others, including animals.

Healing Qualities: connectedness; opens and expands channels of communication between the conscious, subconscious, and super conscious levels of our being; improves inter-species communication.
For an animal or even human communication or the lack there off can be seen as jealousy or hatred, as I said before you have to trust your pendulum there is a reason why you got Horsetail, what you observe as jealousy can sometimes be something totally different, it’s not like the dog told you he is jealous. You can also supplement it with Bach Flower Holly which is for jealousy.
"For those who are sometimes attacked by thoughts of such kind as jealousy, envy, revenge, suspicion. For the different forms of vexation. Within themselves they may suffer much, often when there is no real cause for their unhappiness."
2018-11-26 16:37:07
Hi Siddharth, There is no law or rule that state a rate have to be in a ascending order, even the Copen rates is not in a ascending order.
Ian McLean
2018-11-26 16:33:11
For my dog I also dowsed Methyl Yellow and Miasms: Petrochemical Miasm.
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